Podcast episode 31 now available

This week's episode of the Words on Sounds podcast features:
--heavy psych zones from Chef Menteur's triple disc on Sunrise Ocean Bender
--a great ARU live jam on the All Iowa Noise Insurgency double-cassette comp (and The Centipede Farm still has copies available if you're interested)
--magic feats of improvisation from the debut of I/OWAR
--gorgeous bari sax/synth songcraft from Jonah Parzen-Johnson's new disc on Primary Records
--dense electroacoustic textures from Rob Mazurek's new tape on Astral Spirits
--beautiful chamber-folk/rock from SUN DAY's self-titled debut
--improv weirdness from Stanley Schumacher's Experimental Music Lab
--free rock jams from the debut of Oblique Quartet
--deep listening from the upcoming Stephen Haynes quintet disc on New Atlantis Records
--and a no-wave/noise anxiety attack from the debut of Meds
Tune in, turn on, drop out!


Podcast episode 30 now available

New edition of the Words on Sounds podcast is up, featuring:
--a heavy hitter frm the amazing new Wei Zhongle LP on Hairy Spider Legs
--deep improvisation from the Wrest trio
--heady grooves from Crown Larks on their new Already Dead Tapes & Records release
--low frequency manipulations from Xanthocephalus on Skell Records LLC
--A couple of great collage pieces from the new Partli Cloudi tape onArachnidiscs Recordings
--harsh sequencer writing from Arvo Zylo on Out-Of-Body Records
--left-field heavy vibes from Invisible Things on New Atlantis Records
--exquisite writing by Corpo-Mente on their debut from Blood Music
--guitar manipulations from a great Millions tape on Tape Drift Records
--ominious layers of sound from Mike Majkowski's new tape on Astral Spirits
--and a great tune from the new Shilpa Ray album on Northern Spy
Tune in, turn on, drop out!


Podcast episode 29 now available

On today's episode of Words on Sounds, we'll hear:
--a great tune by Slugbug on Haord Records's "buncha"
--deep percussion improv from Ben Bennett's LP on experimedia
--a wild collaboration between MANY ARMS and Toshimaru Nakamuraon Public Eyesore / Eh?
--a tune from Ava Mendoza's killing new trio LP on New Atlantis Records
--heavy textures from YlangYlang's side of the "Studies in Trance" split on Arachnidiscs Recordings
--more heavy textures from DJ Fulltono's tape on Orange Milk Records
--Jack Wright and Ben Bennett jamming hard on their "Tangle" disc onPublic Eyesore / Eh?
--and a few Record Store Day releases I'd highly recommend, fromFanfare Ciocarlia, the Master Musicians of Joujouka, Sun Ra, and Val Stephen.
Tune in, turn on, drop out!