Podcast Episode 62 now available!

Episode 62 of the Words on Sounds podcast features music from:
bran(...)pos - The Bubblegum Forgeries Vol. 1
Charles Barabe + Roadside Picnic - National House Milk (Wounded Knife)
Somnoroase Pasarele - VOMA (Magical Garage Taste)
Hey Exit - Caudata
Dang Olsen Dream Tape - Zonk (Constellation Tatsu)
Brayden Jae/Kyle Landstra split (Geology Records)
Ropal Jagnu - Silo (OJC Recordings)
Thollem McDonas/Kaufman - Always Put On Your Sincere Face (Personal Archives)
Horse Lords - Interventions (Northern Spy)
Skin of Earth - s/t (Sump Pump Records)
German Army - Yanomami (Sacred Phrases)
Heimat - s/t (Kill Shaman Records)
Tlaotlon - ACACIA A/V (Weird Ear Records)
Larry Wish - Porous Obtainer of Loads (Truly Bald)


Podcast episode 61 now available!

You'll find a baker's dozen of rad music from around the world on the latest edition of the Words on Sounds podcast:
--ecstatic electronics from D.U.G.O.U.T.C.A.N.O.E.
--rich, darker textures from Roche oval and Thierry Gauthier via La cohu
--The intense drones of Five Guitars for Tony Conrad, via Auasca (and now available from Tape Drift as well)
--heavy duo guitar freakouts from Elliott Sharp and Scott Fields on New Atlas
--melancholy soundscapes from Andreas Brandal's latest on Sacred Phrases
--glitched industrial textures from Almagest on Tourette Records
--a kinetic brew of drum machines and weirdo electronic songsmithery from Jimmy Sanchez & his Crystal Balls on Haord Records
--killer trio improv from Le Veau on Cuchabata Records
--brutal sax/drum sound masses from Ulrich Krieger's latest on Xi
--great postrock textures from Bisamratta's side of a great split on spina rec
--post-everything murmurs from Venereal Crush
--RIO meets djent from France's Ni
--and incredible composition and improv colliding in The Bureau of Atomic Tourism via RAT 
tune in, turn on, drop out!


Podcast Episode 60 now available!

It's been far too long, dear listeners and readers, but here's a great new episode of the Words on Sounds podcast, featuring:
--rich tones from the recent Dura jam on Geology Records
--the fourth of six great Wishes by Softest on Inner Islands
--a tight soundscape from Chihei Hatakeyama via Constellation Tatsu
--chopped/screwed/layered surprises from DJ Too Slow's new tape on Personal Archives
--stark, haunting perfection from Sister Grotto's recent self-released jam
--freak folk/free jazz from the brilliant Spires That in the Sunset Rise on Hairy Spider Legs
--contrabass electroacoustic textures from Gregg Skloff's tape on Eiderdown Records
--varied psych/folk overdubs from Prana Crafter's latest on Deep Water Acres
--amazing vocal/electronics orchestrations from Lesley Flanigan's new disc onPhysical Editions
--a few minutes from Max Richter's 8-hour epic "Sleep"
--and a few relaxed moments with Ravi Shankar and friends courtesy ofNorthern Spy
Tune in, turn on, drop out!