Episode 15 of the Words on Sounds Podcast now available

Lots of great music on this week's Words on Sounds podcast, including:
--fantastic new Ultraabriight on Orange Milk Records
--a great piece from the new Bary Center tape on Skrot Up
--an excerpt from the wonderful Jon Mueller/Death Blues release Non-Fiction on SIGE Records
--a fun Marc Ribot jam from a Northern Spy RSD 7''
--old-school Expo `70 via a recent reissue on Sonic Meditations
--a gorgeously-orchestrated single from Ape School on Hometapes
--A playful piece from NOOK's new digital album (featuring Kenny Warren)
--rich introspection from the new Monte Burrows tape on Spring Break Tapes
--a great don vito jam from their split 7'' with Jealousy Mountain Duo
--a heavy piece from Charles BarabĂ©'s release on Tranquility Tapes
--waves of thick psych jamming from Fungal Abyss's new tape on Eiderdown Records
--an excerpt from Joseph Bastardo and Howard D Stelzer's wicked collab on 905 Tapes


Words on Sounds podcast, episode 14

A baker's dozen of great pieces on this week's edition of the Words on Sounds Podcast:

--a piece from Nick Storring's new cassette on Orange Milk Records
--a very nice surprise of a b-side from St. Vincent's Black Friday 10'' single
--a favorite touch people piece of mine from Darren's Rainy Road Records cassette last year
--heavy acoustic improv from SULT's new album
--a classic Octis single
--a classic transitional piece from Normal Love's 7'' on High Two
--great electroacoustic treatments from Charles Barabé's "Empreintes" tape on Jeunesse Cosmique
--similarly great electroacoustic from Massimo Falascone's disc on Public Eyesore / Eh?
--a short solo bari circular breathing jam from Curt Oren
--wonderful layered treatments of his own string quartet recordings from Patrick Higgins
--a piece from the early-ish recorded portion of Jon Mueller's Death Blues project, co-released by TaigaRecords and Hometapes
--a textured, piano-dominant piece from Black Thread/ Cascading Fragments
--and the opening banger from the new Horse Lords LP on NNA Tapes

Tune in, turn on, drop out!


Words on Sounds Podcast, episode 13

Episode 13 of the Words on Sound Podcast is now available, featuring:

--A track from the new Zs album that will be released in January on Northern Spy
--A piece from the great new Jessica Pavone album on Taiga Records
--A cut from Pulse Emitter's LP on Immune Recordings
--a track from a 7'' by percussionist Matt Weston
--a short burner from Joey Molinaro's "International Coven of Dangerous Violinistry"
--seriously layered craziness from Looks Realistic's tape on Beer On The Rug
--A song from this summer's Walker/Melchoir 7'' on Kill Shaman Records
--A beautiful tune from a Cerberus Shoal 7'' on Eternal Otter Records
--Deep listening from Che Chen's 7'' on Pilgrim Talk
--an unpredictable tune from a Mutandini Karl 7'' on Knertz
--gorgeously orchestrated and performed solo work from Nick Storring on Scissor Tail Editions
--collaged weirdness from Pierrot Lunaire's 7'' on Hooker Vision
--and an intense, heavy duo workout from Matta Gawa on New Atlantis Records
Amazing show! Get your ears ready...