Other Music show, 4-8-12

We got a real Easter egg in Lincoln yesterday in the form of Tatsuya Nakatani being added to an early show at the Bourbon Theatre:

Because of the timing, we hoped that it might be possible to have him stop by KZUM for a little time on the Other Music show, but it didn't quite time out. I did get a chance to pick up a few of his newest releases, though, and we got a nice long track on the air. Here's a partial playlist for the Other Music show, 4-8-12

Ppartyzan Vs Prominenttongue - Nicoffeine - Lighthealer Stalking Flashplayer
Mercy - Time of Orchids - tour remix album
Posers - Frankenixon - Depth Perception
Ozy - Amygdala - Complex Combat
Spectres of Bird - Prelapse - Prelapse
Papyrus de Tecmessa 29825 - Atrium Musicae de Madrid Greece: Musique de la Grece Antique
Hollow Grounds - Fanu & Bill Laswell - Lodge
Ritual - Nakatani/Tiner/Drake - Ritual Inscription

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