Podcast episode 33 now available

In this week's edition of the Words on Sounds podcast, you'll be delighted by:
--the cosmic stylings of Evening Fires on their new LP on Sunrise Ocean Bender
--deep improvisations coalescing into feral songforms on La Forêt rouge's new tape (the first part of a promising trilogy)
--Choice laptop composition from burstbot on Kotä Records
--Oceanic depths of gorgeousity on The Snowfield's sophomore outing onField Hymns
--contemporary classical and electronics perfectly integrated on the new Kara-Lis Coverdale/LXV collab on Umor Rex Records
--indescribable stylistic leaps from More Eaze/Marcus M. Rubio via Already Dead Tapes & Records
--riffs for days on the new Lightning Bolt on Thrill Jockey Records
--classic Bastian Void just reissued in a tiny batch
--and hyperprogressive retrofuture atmospheres from the latest Guapo Guapoalbum on Cuneiform Records
Tune in, turn on, drop out!

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