Podcast Episode 60 now available!

It's been far too long, dear listeners and readers, but here's a great new episode of the Words on Sounds podcast, featuring:
--rich tones from the recent Dura jam on Geology Records
--the fourth of six great Wishes by Softest on Inner Islands
--a tight soundscape from Chihei Hatakeyama via Constellation Tatsu
--chopped/screwed/layered surprises from DJ Too Slow's new tape on Personal Archives
--stark, haunting perfection from Sister Grotto's recent self-released jam
--freak folk/free jazz from the brilliant Spires That in the Sunset Rise on Hairy Spider Legs
--contrabass electroacoustic textures from Gregg Skloff's tape on Eiderdown Records
--varied psych/folk overdubs from Prana Crafter's latest on Deep Water Acres
--amazing vocal/electronics orchestrations from Lesley Flanigan's new disc onPhysical Editions
--a few minutes from Max Richter's 8-hour epic "Sleep"
--and a few relaxed moments with Ravi Shankar and friends courtesy ofNorthern Spy
Tune in, turn on, drop out!