Podcast episode 37 now available

18 amazing bands from the first half of 2015 in this special edition of theWords on Sounds Podcast:
--the debut of Jobs - Band, formerly Killer Bob, on New Amsterdam Records
--blazing compositional workouts from schnellertollermeier on Cuneiform Records
--explorations and elegies from the new Evening Fires on Sunrise Ocean Bender
--a taste of the new Guapo Guapo on Cuneiform Record Label
--awesome neo-Morricone from Tredici Bacci on Astral Spirits
--imagination-expanding beauty from Wei Zhongle's latest on Hairy Spider Legs
--tribal prog punk blasts from Unconscious Collective on Tofu Carnage Records
--playful jams from the new Oblique Quartet
--hazy days from Chef Menteur's triple-disc on Sunrise Ocean Bender
--excellent psych-rock work from Crown Larks on Already Dead Tapes & Records
--head-spinning acrobatics from the latest Upsilon Acrux album on New Atlantis Records
--whammy pedal workouts on the debut of Hypercolor on Tzadik Label
--free freakouts from MANY ARMS on Public Eyesore / Eh?
--a short intro piece from the latest Zs epic on Northern Spy
--a maze of wild unisons from Ava Mendoza's trio album on New Atlantis
--heavenly dub work from the legendary Blind Idiot God
--taut new jams from the latest Lightning Bolt platter on Thrill Jockey Records
--and great little number from the latest Les Rhinocéros album on Tzadik
Tune in, turn on, drop out!


Podcast episode 36 now available

This week's edition of the Words on Sounds podcast features:
--The incredible recorded debut of Voicehandler on Humbler
--a wild zoner from the new Plains Druid on Illuminated Paths
--intense solo viola from Frantz Loriot via Neither Nor Records 
--atmospheric vaporwave-ish distillations from 夕方の犬 on Spring Break Tapes
--a great guitar jam from a Head Dress reissue on Geology Records
--playful duo work from Comfort Food on Already Dead Tapes & Records
--the debut of LION vs TIGER (self-released)
--a haunting piece from the Labor Camp Orchestra
--great improv from the Bent Spoon Duo with Jack Wright on Unit Structure Sound Recordings
--a wild arrangement from Rob Mazurek's Exploding Star Orchestra onCuneiform Records
--and a deep noise jam from Wether on Phinery
Tune in, turn on, drop out!


Podcast episode 35 now available

This week's episode of the Words on Sounds podcast features:
--heavy duo improv from the venerable Black Spirituals via SIGE Records
--the latest from Piper Spray on Hausu Mountain
--an excerpt from a great new Charles Barabé piece on Unit Structure Sound Recordings
--classic German Army from a new tape on Fort Evil Fruit
--chilly stop/start electronics from Head Dress on Phinery
--a deep jam from Evening Fires
--new weirdo prog-pop from Mucky Sailor on care in the community recordings
--even yet still more German Army from their new Tabs Out Podcast tape
--and intimate, exquisite improv from the Earth Tongues trio (Moffett/Peck/Costa on promising new label Neither Nor Records
Tune in, turn on, drop out!


Podcast episode 34 now available

This week's episode of Words on Sounds features:
--mad scientist hyperedits of progressive rock-in-opposition genius fromCraig Scotts Lobotomy
--Luxurious melancholy zones from TALsounds, via Hausu Mountain
--unspeakably heavy-hitting compositions from the latest Holly Herndon LP
--brand-new synth/808 etudes from Powerful Science, via Fantastic Cassettes
--old-school Devo meets big-budget filmscoring on The Lego Movie
--voices heard and unheard in a rec center beneath a Japanese bowling alley by David Moscovich, on Public Eyesore / Eh?
--freak-folk harvest rituals from Ak'chamel's new tape on Field Hymns
--blackmetal-infused soundscapes from Light Sensitive's debut on Personal Archives
--and deeply-affecting soundscapes from the latest Sarah Davachi tape onConstellation Tatsu
Tune in, turn on, drop out!