Podcast episode 26 now available

New edition of the Words on Sounds podcast features:
--a beautiful guitar piece from Peter Kris (German Army) on A Giant Fern
--guitar/tabla jamming from E GONE's LP on Sunrise Ocean Bender
--guitar/synth warmth from Heavy Hymns on House of Alchemy
--trance-inducing repetitions from the new Channelers on Inner Islands
--rich complexities from the new Kara-Lis Coverdale tape on Sacred Phrases
--great beat-driven zones from the new Brainchai coming out next week onField Hymns
--voice-based beauty from Girls and God's debut
--power electronics delights from Chefkirk/Andrew Quitter's new disc onPublic Eyesore / Eh?
--an instrumental from the lush new Creature Automatic album coming soon on Telegraph Harp
--and phenomenal quartet work on Hungry Cowboy's album on Prom Night Records


Podcast episode 25 now available

Welcome to spring with a great new edition of the Words on Soundspodcast, featuring:
--a fitting track from Gong's latest/last album for the passing of their fearless leader, Daevid Allen
--great guitar work from Braeyden Jae's new tape on Inner Islands
--the title track from Raphi Gottesman Music's new tape on Fluere Tapes
--wild improvisations from Augenmusik's new tape on Eiderdown Records
--lessons in playing the "3 C's" (cello, clarinet, and cardboard) from Gary Rouzer's new disc on Public Eyesore / Eh?
--an excerpt from the modular-rific B-side of Cremator's latest tape viaExtreme Ultimate
--similarly frequency-rich guitar synth work from If, Bwana's tape on Hal McGee's Kassette Kult Tapes
--storms of perfectly-placed notes from Weasel Walter's new "Fragments" collection on his Bandcamp
--moody atmospheres from the new Head Dress tape on Night Gaunt Recordings
--and simply stunning work from Unconscious Collective's latest album onTofu Carnage Records (you don't want to miss this)


Podcast episode 24 available

Here's a new episode of the Words on Sounds​ Podcast, featuring:

Here's a new episode of the Words on Sounds Podcast, featuring:
--intense solo guitar densities from Scott Valkwitch on House of Alchemy
--energetic folk/prog from the upcoming Frogbelly and Symphony album
--an amazing field recording about to drop on Eiderdown Records
--electroacoustic looping self-surgeries from Section 35's new split with Case on Skell Records LLC
--playful modular mayhem from Ricardo D'Orlando and Captain McGee's great new tape on Hal McGee's Kassette Kult Tapes
--a pensive bass clarinet/percussion piece from the new Michael Vincent Waller double-disc on Xi Records
--a nice synth zoner from Opaline's latest on Constellation Tatsu
--weird synth zoners from Don Preston's attic, now available from Sub Rosa
--and a mouth-controlled modular intensities from bran(...)pos and his latest LP on resipiscent


Podcast Episode 23 available

Episode 23 of the Words on Sounds podcast is up, featuring:
--great field recordings and machines merging on Eric Sanchez's tape on DNT Records
--A couple of short collaborative pieces featuring hiyohiyoipseniyo
--New sax/tape/synth assaults from Pierrot Lunaire
--Swelling assemblages of sound from Rambutan and Parashi's collab tape on Tape Drift Records
--new power trio perfection from Hypercolor's debut on Tzadik
--lo-fi live awesomeness from Shit and Shine's new tape on Astral Spirits
--Powerful, urgent music from the new Blind Idiot God (this is an album-of-the-year contender for sure)
--noise rock collisions between Wozzeck and kakaokamkami on spina rec
-Devo proving they still "got it" with the hardcore-era jams on MVD Audio
--great drones from Jeremy Young's new piece on Palaver Press
--and stunning viola/electronics manipulations from Curling Hands on a new split from Skell Records LLC