Podcast Episode 44 now available!

Episode 44 of the Words on Sounds podcast is ready for your ears, featuring:
--cosmic synth transmissions from Polígono Hindú Astral on Verlag System
--dense note clusters meeting folk melody on the latest Alan Sondheimalbum via Public Eyesore / Eh?
--deep piano manipulations from composer Stavros Gasparatos on Ad Noiseam
--crime noir vibes from the latest Hallowed Bells tape on Edible Onion
--dark moods from the heavy dudes of Stern on New Atlantis Records
--compelling drone textures from Plundershop's split with Lost Trail onFlaming Biscuit Records
--intense bass/drum jams from Cancer Lake on The Centipede Farm
--4th-world modular expressways from the debut of Xua on Debacle Records
--a slow-building burner from the invincible Evening Fires on Deep Water Acres
--and a gorgeous string-dominated piece from Nigredo's tape on Small Scale Music


Podcast episode 43 now available!

Episode 43 of the Words on Sounds podcast is now available, featuring:
--impossible feats of smooth bedroom chamber prog from Ben Varian's new tape on MJ MJ Records
--heavy collage work from Skyscraper's latest on Warm Gospel
--gorgeous melancholy from the new Peter Kris tape/zine on Spring Break Tapes
--noise/industrial work from Spain's Noisegg on Cintas Chromo
--experimental songform/soundscapes from the debut of Zigra
--an excerpt from a great new Olivia Block piece on NNA Tapes
--the latest from Ryan Emmett on White Reeves Productions
--dusty electronics abused by Veabis & Tubbhead on A Giant Fern
--field recordings meet more dusty electronics on Ross Wallace Chait's new tape for Weird Ear Records
--prayer calls and noise walls from JS Truchy's portion of a 3-way tour split
--a dark, delicious collaboration between Steven R. Hess and mise_en_scene on Los Discos Enfantasmes
--and grind meets lowercase improv on the newest self-releasedCrustaceanation tape


Podcast episode 42 now available!

This week's edition of Words on Sounds is a major burner, featuring:
--a Roman love song reimagined by Bernhard Loibner on MOOZAK
--impossibly beautiful atmospheres from Jeremy Young and Aaron Martin's new collab on White Paddy Mountain
--new post-everything agitations from Coral Remains
--heavy alchemical vibes from the new Amalgamated on Aubjects
--deep-listening improv from HMS on Small Scale Music
--a couple of great live jams from dreamcrusher and Giant Claw's contributions to the "Noise at the Bike Shop" compilation
--an insane Nancarrow-inspired piece from the new Patrick Higgins tape onNNA Tapes
--gorgeous modular non-dreams from the new Bastian Void tape on Sicsic Tapes
--and aggressive improv from the new Kaiser/Smith/Walter disc on New Atlantis Records
Tune in, turn on, drop out!


Podcast episode 41 now available!

This week's episode of Words on Sounds features:
--a classic from Charles Barabé's Tranquility Tapes release last year
--new kraut journeys from Adderall Canyonly on 905 Tapes
--gorgeous guitar work from Bbjr's new LP on Captcha Records
--deep sounds from Courtesy on Moon Glyph
--hypnotizing drone/texture from hicksoncompactgroup, self-released
--contrasting approaches from 2 recent Andreas Brandal projects on Oxtail Recordings and A Giant Fern
--wild combinations of extended composition approaches from Glochids onWeird Ear Records
--synth/echo vistas from BABEL on Arachnidiscs Recordings
--hard-post-everything improv from Kid Millions and Jim Sauter on Astral Spirits
--and roots/psych retrofutures from Anvil Salute on Deep Water Acres