Podcast episode 43 now available!

Episode 43 of the Words on Sounds podcast is now available, featuring:
--impossible feats of smooth bedroom chamber prog from Ben Varian's new tape on MJ MJ Records
--heavy collage work from Skyscraper's latest on Warm Gospel
--gorgeous melancholy from the new Peter Kris tape/zine on Spring Break Tapes
--noise/industrial work from Spain's Noisegg on Cintas Chromo
--experimental songform/soundscapes from the debut of Zigra
--an excerpt from a great new Olivia Block piece on NNA Tapes
--the latest from Ryan Emmett on White Reeves Productions
--dusty electronics abused by Veabis & Tubbhead on A Giant Fern
--field recordings meet more dusty electronics on Ross Wallace Chait's new tape for Weird Ear Records
--prayer calls and noise walls from JS Truchy's portion of a 3-way tour split
--a dark, delicious collaboration between Steven R. Hess and mise_en_scene on Los Discos Enfantasmes
--and grind meets lowercase improv on the newest self-releasedCrustaceanation tape

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