Podcast episode 41 now available!

This week's episode of Words on Sounds features:
--a classic from Charles Barabé's Tranquility Tapes release last year
--new kraut journeys from Adderall Canyonly on 905 Tapes
--gorgeous guitar work from Bbjr's new LP on Captcha Records
--deep sounds from Courtesy on Moon Glyph
--hypnotizing drone/texture from hicksoncompactgroup, self-released
--contrasting approaches from 2 recent Andreas Brandal projects on Oxtail Recordings and A Giant Fern
--wild combinations of extended composition approaches from Glochids onWeird Ear Records
--synth/echo vistas from BABEL on Arachnidiscs Recordings
--hard-post-everything improv from Kid Millions and Jim Sauter on Astral Spirits
--and roots/psych retrofutures from Anvil Salute on Deep Water Acres

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