Podcast Episode 44 now available!

Episode 44 of the Words on Sounds podcast is ready for your ears, featuring:
--cosmic synth transmissions from Polígono Hindú Astral on Verlag System
--dense note clusters meeting folk melody on the latest Alan Sondheimalbum via Public Eyesore / Eh?
--deep piano manipulations from composer Stavros Gasparatos on Ad Noiseam
--crime noir vibes from the latest Hallowed Bells tape on Edible Onion
--dark moods from the heavy dudes of Stern on New Atlantis Records
--compelling drone textures from Plundershop's split with Lost Trail onFlaming Biscuit Records
--intense bass/drum jams from Cancer Lake on The Centipede Farm
--4th-world modular expressways from the debut of Xua on Debacle Records
--a slow-building burner from the invincible Evening Fires on Deep Water Acres
--and a gorgeous string-dominated piece from Nigredo's tape on Small Scale Music

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