Words on Sounds ep. 63 now available!

Episode 63 of Words on Sounds features music from:
Cloud Becomes Your Hand - Rest in Fleas (Northern Spy)
Paperbark - Forgotten Narratives (Black Box Tapes)
Rick Parker & Li Daiguo - Free World Music (Eleven2Eleven Records)
555 - Thee Omega Seed (MJ MJ Records)
Euglossine - Complex Playground (Beer On The Rug)
Urthsla - Wannsee (Field Hymns)
Dekatron III - split w/Courbes Bezier (Verlag System)
Arve Henriksen & Teun Verbrugen - Black Swan (Rat Records)
Hillboggle - Up the Country With Hillboggle (Crash Symbols)
Cob Raw - s/t (Gleauxing Records)
Sex Funeral - Solo Funeral (Personal Archives)
Bret Schneider - Melancholia I & II (Never Anything Records/Tereshkova)
Thirteen Hurts / 13Hz - UVB-76 (No part of it)
Tune in, turn on, drop out!