Podcast Episode 22 available

Episode 22 of the Words on Sounds podcast is now available, featuring:
--Modular mayhem from Jung an Tagen's new tape on Orange Milk Records
--a driving, dark ditty from the new Adderall Canyonly tape on Moss Archive
--heavy musique styrofoamique from Nerfbau (feat. members of Styrofoam Sanchez) on resipiscent
--a short Johannes Lauxen track on his Scamper split via knertz
--a gorgeous slow permutation piece from Nick Hennies' new album onAstral Spirits
--great hard-to-pigeonhole playing from Zarabatana's new album on A Giant Fern
--guided improvisation extended-technique cello duos from The Knot onArachnidiscs Recordings
--electronic waves battling the Old Svrfers on Tranquility Tapes
--another piece from the brilliant new Coppice album on Category of Manifestation
--playful synths from Kevin Blechdom's classic "Your Butt" ep
--some nice noise from Choi Joonyong's old Ghost & Son (Pilgrim Talk) CDr
--a free-improv moment on Makaya's new album on International Anthem
--killing protoprog synths on Jason Rubenstein's new album
--and a gorgeous composed quadraphonic-guitar piece on Patrick Higgins' tape for Words+Dreams


Podcast Episode 21 available

Words on Sounds podcast # 21 is now available, just in time for all of your President's Day celebrations, featuring:
--powerful solo work from Rob Jacobs and his new album on International Anthem
--synthwave abstractions from the new [physics] tape on Constellation Tatsu
--modular mayhem from Vales via Skell Records LLC (who just dropped an exciting new batch you should check out)
--slippery-string atmospheres from the new Nikta tape on Horror Fiction
--tribal pulses from German Army's first stirrings of 2015 on Handmade Birds
--Nocturnal emissions of an auditory nature from Baldruin on A Giant Fern(this totally rules)
--menacing industrial vibes from the new Witch Beam on Tranquility Tapes
--Killing power trio megaplaying from schnellertollermeier on Cuneiform Records
--electroacoustic panning delights from Head Dress via Phinery (who apparently released a new batch while I'm typinig this)
--Motorik/chiptune delights from Oxykitten's tape on Singapore Sling Tapes
--intensely focused improvisation from Tone Ase and Thomas Stronen onGigafon
--retro-synth-soundtrack goodness from Perturbator's tape on Blood Music
--trippy improvisations from Death Rattle on House of Alchemy
--Wicked good electroacoustic work from Hans Grusel's Krankenkabinet onresipiscent
--and a modern mashup of classic Gen Ken Montgomery pieces on Pogus


Podcast episode 20 available

This episode of Words on Sounds has you covered from Adderall Canyonly to Yip-Yip, with many deep listening experiences in between, so leave the Grammys to the grannies and get in here! Featuring:

--guitar/electronics explorations from Luke Polipnick
--heavy Fluxus explorations from Ludo Mich on House of Alchemy
--avian flights of weirdness from Moultrigger's reissued "Birds" on Nova Labs
--danceable Kraut jamming from Adderall Canyonly on Go Finger
--heavy guitar droning from Head Dress on Horror Fiction
--beautiful keyboard journeys from Hallowed Bells on Blight. Records
--layered electroacoustic soundscapes from Skullorian Sound Sculptures onSkell Records LLC
--dense electroprog from Yip-Yip on Glowmobile Recording Company
--textured deep listening from Coppice on quakebasket records
--chiptune-influenced fun from No Go No For Launch's new tape on Field Hymns
--rich synth zoning from Demonstration Synthesis on Phinery
--harsh electro-no-wave bliss from KTB on FEEDING TUBE RECORDS
--and classic artrock jamming from Les Hommes Qui Wear Espandrillos onBluNoise Records

Tune in, turn on, drop out!