Podcast episode 20 available

This episode of Words on Sounds has you covered from Adderall Canyonly to Yip-Yip, with many deep listening experiences in between, so leave the Grammys to the grannies and get in here! Featuring:

--guitar/electronics explorations from Luke Polipnick
--heavy Fluxus explorations from Ludo Mich on House of Alchemy
--avian flights of weirdness from Moultrigger's reissued "Birds" on Nova Labs
--danceable Kraut jamming from Adderall Canyonly on Go Finger
--heavy guitar droning from Head Dress on Horror Fiction
--beautiful keyboard journeys from Hallowed Bells on Blight. Records
--layered electroacoustic soundscapes from Skullorian Sound Sculptures onSkell Records LLC
--dense electroprog from Yip-Yip on Glowmobile Recording Company
--textured deep listening from Coppice on quakebasket records
--chiptune-influenced fun from No Go No For Launch's new tape on Field Hymns
--rich synth zoning from Demonstration Synthesis on Phinery
--harsh electro-no-wave bliss from KTB on FEEDING TUBE RECORDS
--and classic artrock jamming from Les Hommes Qui Wear Espandrillos onBluNoise Records

Tune in, turn on, drop out!

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