Podcast episode 19 available

Podcast episode number 19 is up, featuring:
--Black Rollins (new German Army side project) on SalopeCassette
--new/no-waving from Jane La Onda (Kassie from G-Toss) onFEEDING TUBE RECORDS
--upcoming greatness from Grapefruit on the indomitable Field Hymns
--upcoming deep listening from Chicago's amazing Coppice on new label Category of Manifestation
--burning sax/drums improv via Colin Fisher and Mike Gennaro onArachnidiscs Recordings
--a great percussion-dense jam from Babel on Inyrdisk
--oscillations and undulations from Wether's newest tape on A Giant Fern
--a great collaboration between Parashi and MAbH on Tape Drift Records
--a short piece from the upcoming Zs album that drops on Northern Spynext week
--deep audio collage from Ondness on Phinery
--a phenomenal piece from L'Acephale on a recent triple-cassette split on Black Horizons

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