Podcast episode 55 now available!

This week's episode of Words on Sounds features:
--intense synth-heavy live work from Troum's 7'' on Tourette Records
--harsh percussion manipulation on UOOOU's tape on Full Body Massage Records
--A classic instrumental cut from The Goner's disc on Deep Water Acres
--epic postrock atmospheres from INSECT FACTORY's new tape on Already Dead Tapes & Records
--an excerpt of an '81 home recording by Debbie Jaffe and Hal McGee on the new Invisible Shadows double-disc audio documentary
--a potent film cue earworm from Fuchs & Beckett's Lucky O.S.T. tape on Mirror World Music
--deep listening from the new Loren Chasse tape on Notice Recordings
--a killer chamber work from Qasim Naqvi's new tape/CD on NNA Tapes
--a weird, bouncy ditty from Larry Wish on Orange Milk Records
--heavily edited mysterious vibes from Amalgamated on Bicephalic Records
--new German Army-related work from the s/t debut of Germ Class on Night-People Records/ Wet Hair
--and a great slab of minimalist industrial/punk from aarum on OJC Recordings
Tune in, turn on, drop out!


Podcast episode 54 now available!

This week's edition of Words on Sounds features excellent new music including:
--nearly psychic voice/trumpet interplay from Twins of El Dorado on Prom Night Records
--an adventurous synth journey from E GONE's latest tape on Zeon Light Kassett
--dark prog/psych from Chile's incredible Un Festín Sagital, via Black Horizons
--Irish psych freakouts from Woven Skulll's latest jam on Eiderdown Records
--spacious guitar/resonance treatments from Black Spirituals on RATSKIN Records.
--electronics/percussion zones from Brian Osborne's split with Dan Peck onHeat Retention Records
--a new German Army jam from their Opal Tapes cassette
--symphonic textures from the new Head Dress tape on Cønjuntø Vacíø
--fantastic drum/guitar structures from the latest Ahleuchatistas album onInternational Anthem
--moody old-school industrial/psych from the Twilight Circus Dub Sound System/Edward Ka-Spel collab on Tourette Records
--and burning improv from Survival Unit III via Astral Spirits
Tune in, turn on, drop out!


Podcast episode 53 now available!

You're in for set of serious textures and atmospheres on this week's episode of the Words on Sounds podcast, featuring:
--an intense introduction to a Dead Voices on Air series on Tourette Records
--tense vibes from the new Grand Mal x tape on Black Horizons
--gritty looped textures from Rigel Magellan on OJC Recordings
--overdubbed violin-fueled grind from Joey Molinaro, now on cassette viaAuris Apothecary
--ominous atmospheres from the new NIKTA tape on Already Dead Tapes & Records
--transcendant, metallic waves from Ant'lrd via Inner Islands
--primal, tribal pop from Diva 93 on the awesome Party Music 4-way split onHairy Spider Legs
--bold synth-ing where no synths have gone before by Three Fourths Tigerson Field Hymns
--more great synths from Spain's Sentionaut on the young Cintas Chromo label
--serious industrial textures from CARTHAGE on a great new label, Still Heat Recordings
--live duo improv from Rafael Toral's Space Collective on Notice Recordings
--and modular mayhem from Mysterious House on Moss Archive
Tune in, turn on, drop out!


Podcast Episode 52 now available!

This week's edition of the Words on Sounds Podcast features lots of great new music, including:
--my favorite piece from the great new Giant Claw tape on Orange Milk Records
--heavy electronic textures from the new Big Debbie jam on RATSKIN Records..
--a melancholy tune from John Dillon's tape on the new label Never Anything Records/Tereshkova
--Intense sequencer jams from Volume 2 of Arvo Zylo's sequencer works on No Part Of It
--deep synth zoners from Majeure's beautiful new tape on Constellation Tatsu
--fragmented psych-songwriting from Guide To Bizarre Behavior's latest tape on ShanGORIL La Records
--guitar drones from Bbjr's tape on Warm Gospel
--instrumental transcendence from Evening Fires via Deep Water Acres
--innovative guitar arrangements of Bach via the new Patrick Higgins album on Telegraph Harp
--classic modular mayhem from Richard Pinhas just reissued on Cuneiform Records
--and drum/synth duo adventures from Wume's latest album on Ehse Records
Tune in, turn on, drop out!