Podcast Episode 52 now available!

This week's edition of the Words on Sounds Podcast features lots of great new music, including:
--my favorite piece from the great new Giant Claw tape on Orange Milk Records
--heavy electronic textures from the new Big Debbie jam on RATSKIN Records..
--a melancholy tune from John Dillon's tape on the new label Never Anything Records/Tereshkova
--Intense sequencer jams from Volume 2 of Arvo Zylo's sequencer works on No Part Of It
--deep synth zoners from Majeure's beautiful new tape on Constellation Tatsu
--fragmented psych-songwriting from Guide To Bizarre Behavior's latest tape on ShanGORIL La Records
--guitar drones from Bbjr's tape on Warm Gospel
--instrumental transcendence from Evening Fires via Deep Water Acres
--innovative guitar arrangements of Bach via the new Patrick Higgins album on Telegraph Harp
--classic modular mayhem from Richard Pinhas just reissued on Cuneiform Records
--and drum/synth duo adventures from Wume's latest album on Ehse Records
Tune in, turn on, drop out!

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