Podcast episode 54 now available!

This week's edition of Words on Sounds features excellent new music including:
--nearly psychic voice/trumpet interplay from Twins of El Dorado on Prom Night Records
--an adventurous synth journey from E GONE's latest tape on Zeon Light Kassett
--dark prog/psych from Chile's incredible Un Festín Sagital, via Black Horizons
--Irish psych freakouts from Woven Skulll's latest jam on Eiderdown Records
--spacious guitar/resonance treatments from Black Spirituals on RATSKIN Records.
--electronics/percussion zones from Brian Osborne's split with Dan Peck onHeat Retention Records
--a new German Army jam from their Opal Tapes cassette
--symphonic textures from the new Head Dress tape on Cønjuntø Vacíø
--fantastic drum/guitar structures from the latest Ahleuchatistas album onInternational Anthem
--moody old-school industrial/psych from the Twilight Circus Dub Sound System/Edward Ka-Spel collab on Tourette Records
--and burning improv from Survival Unit III via Astral Spirits
Tune in, turn on, drop out!

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