Podcast episode 40 now available!

Episode 40 of the Words on Sounds​ podcast is up, featuring:

--brand new retrofuture synths from Yves Malone​'s upcoming tape on A Giant Fern​
--chamber psych/pop dreamworlds from A. Magic Whistle​ on Weird Ear Records​
--subtle guitar gestures from M. Mucci's tape on Arachnidiscs Recordings​
--psychedelic freak-ins from Enumclaw's great disc on Deep Water Acres​
--hyper detailed synclavier work from the final Frank Zappa album, which has been released at long last
--frightening playtimes from Hans Grusel's Krankenkabinet on Toyo
--stunning guitar/electronics work from Patrick Higgins on Words+Dreams​
--industrial textures from Mukai Takahiro​'s tape on Phinery​
--backwards guitar vistas from Pelktopia's split tape on Aubjects
--and classic Wozzeck from their album on Intonema​

Tune in, turn on, drop out!

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