Podcast episode 24 available

Here's a new episode of the Words on Sounds​ Podcast, featuring:

Here's a new episode of the Words on Sounds Podcast, featuring:
--intense solo guitar densities from Scott Valkwitch on House of Alchemy
--energetic folk/prog from the upcoming Frogbelly and Symphony album
--an amazing field recording about to drop on Eiderdown Records
--electroacoustic looping self-surgeries from Section 35's new split with Case on Skell Records LLC
--playful modular mayhem from Ricardo D'Orlando and Captain McGee's great new tape on Hal McGee's Kassette Kult Tapes
--a pensive bass clarinet/percussion piece from the new Michael Vincent Waller double-disc on Xi Records
--a nice synth zoner from Opaline's latest on Constellation Tatsu
--weird synth zoners from Don Preston's attic, now available from Sub Rosa
--and a mouth-controlled modular intensities from bran(...)pos and his latest LP on resipiscent

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