Podcast Episode 23 available

Episode 23 of the Words on Sounds podcast is up, featuring:
--great field recordings and machines merging on Eric Sanchez's tape on DNT Records
--A couple of short collaborative pieces featuring hiyohiyoipseniyo
--New sax/tape/synth assaults from Pierrot Lunaire
--Swelling assemblages of sound from Rambutan and Parashi's collab tape on Tape Drift Records
--new power trio perfection from Hypercolor's debut on Tzadik
--lo-fi live awesomeness from Shit and Shine's new tape on Astral Spirits
--Powerful, urgent music from the new Blind Idiot God (this is an album-of-the-year contender for sure)
--noise rock collisions between Wozzeck and kakaokamkami on spina rec
-Devo proving they still "got it" with the hardcore-era jams on MVD Audio
--great drones from Jeremy Young's new piece on Palaver Press
--and stunning viola/electronics manipulations from Curling Hands on a new split from Skell Records LLC

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