Podcast episode 35 now available

This week's episode of the Words on Sounds podcast features:
--heavy duo improv from the venerable Black Spirituals via SIGE Records
--the latest from Piper Spray on Hausu Mountain
--an excerpt from a great new Charles Barabé piece on Unit Structure Sound Recordings
--classic German Army from a new tape on Fort Evil Fruit
--chilly stop/start electronics from Head Dress on Phinery
--a deep jam from Evening Fires
--new weirdo prog-pop from Mucky Sailor on care in the community recordings
--even yet still more German Army from their new Tabs Out Podcast tape
--and intimate, exquisite improv from the Earth Tongues trio (Moffett/Peck/Costa on promising new label Neither Nor Records
Tune in, turn on, drop out!

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