Igorrr's recent 2xLP reissue of his first two albums is likely to be my favorite record of 2010.  I've been listening to the two records captured on this release in digital versions for the last few years, and the music never leaves my mind, or my playlists, for longer than a week.

This is genre-hopping stuff at its finest.  I was exposed to Mr. Bungle and John Zorn's Naked City recordings at a young age, and as a result, montage approaches to music have long been very dear to me.  On some level, maybe this is ironic: I strongly dislike "watching stuff," ala movies and television, and many composers of music like this describe their intentions as creating a sort of "audio movie," where time is decorated with the kinds of jumps and edits one finds much more common in film work than music.  For that matter, I'm a huge fan of William S. Burroughs, whose cut-up writings go for a similar effect with literature.

Both of these albums have a similar compositional approach and sound, making them a perfect fit for issuing together.  It's hard to describe what music like this sounds like, as montage music by its nature incorporates a wide range of styles.  But imagine if Naked City had been a one-person breakcore project rather than a live band, and you'll be pretty close.  All of the tracks incorporate electronic music, particularly for percussion and editing styles, but many other genres, including classical fugues, jazz, waltzes, native american music, rock, metal, and cinematic soundscapes all play a role in the music.

Better yet, you can hear one of the albums captured on this release yourself for free, via archive.org:

If you get knocked over by this stuff like I do, you can order your own copy of the double LP, which includes bonus tracks not on the original releases, from Impulsive Art.  Keep in mind the label is based in Greece, so shipping to the US takes a while (mine just arrived after about six weeks).  But it's sure worth the wait.  And €16.70 EUR for a double LP plus shipping is a phenomenal deal.

Igorrr is also set to release a new CD, entitled Nostril, on Ad Noiseam in October.

In the meantime, check out that archive.org download, and here's a little clip of a live Igorrr show:

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