A few updates

Terrible, heartbreaking tragedy in Lincoln music news: Jeffmetal of Wasteoid, Plack Blague, Manslaughterer, etc, has passed away.  Barry of KZUM's Super Happy Doom Time show did a fantastic tribute show to him last night, which you can download here.

Wasteoid is a powerviolence/grind favorite of mine.  Check youtube for lots of live videos, like this one:

Interesting news is developing in the wake of my review of the Source anthology.  It looks to be a lot of work, but something really amazing might come of it.  We'll definitely be talking about it some more.  And anonymous commenter: I noticed your last comment long after you submitted it--it ended up in the spam filter.  Please do get in touch if you'd like.

And a quick mention that Dreamachines are available in a semi-DIY fashion from Important Records right now--for folks in the UK, it looks like you could order them directly from their source at 10111.org as well.  They're modified to work w/45 RPM turntables, instead of the old 78 RPM designs.  It's getting tough to score old turntables that can accommodate 78 RPM!  I've been making and using Dreamachines for years, though mine have always been pretty ugly, ghetto affairs.  I took my time carefully cutting out the pattern on this new design, though, and I love it!  It works wonderfully, and it makes an evocative art piece as well.


  1. nice! made by you or ordered online?

  2. It's the "classic" version made by 10111.org. I got it from Important Records. They're screenprints that you have to cut out yourself (I'd recommend an Xacto #2 knife for making the tricky, rounded cuts). And they're limited runs of 23 each, but it looks like you can still order them--they still show up on Important's site, anyway.

    I can't say that it works any better than the monstrosities I've made myself over the years, but it does look much more snazzy!