Other Music for 11-13-11

No podcast, as mentioned below, but I'm going to continue putting playlists on here--good for my memory in planning shows, and probably a nice thing for musicians to occasionally bump into googling their projects. It's always fun to get radio plays...

Playlist for 11-13-11

Scott played:

Time Birth Spilled Blood - Dirty Projectors - Getty Address
Phanatical - Capillary Action - Capsized
Blue Suede Shoes - The Residents - The King and Eye
Balk - Zs - Arms
Winter, That’s All - Fol Chen - Part I: John Shade, Your Fortune’s Made
I Don’t Wanna Grow Up - Tom Waits - Bone Machine
Putrefiunt - Igorrr - Moisissure
We Speak in Shards - Time of Orchids - Namesake Caution
Kaine - Dominique Leone - Dominique Leone
Cataclysm - Flying Luttenbachers - Cataclysm
Undone (The Sweater Song) - Paul Bailey - Alt-Classical

John played:

Centered: tern and counting - Fromanhole - Fromanhole
criminal - arcwelder - pull
dainty jack and his amazing technicolor cloth jacket - a minor forest - flemish altruism
building taj mahal - tar - over and out
divinity of laughter - craw - map, monitor, and surge
run it - members of the press - modern day rome
so jesus was at the last supper - a minor forest - flemish altruism
lorch miller - karp - suplex
stubborn agenda - bear claw - slow speed deep owls
after the air raid - zevious - after the air raid

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