Other Music for 11-27-11

...a week behind on getting this round posted, but here's last Sunday's Other Music playlist. Tune in tonight from 10-midnight to hear more creative music, including a few tracks related to shows that have just come through NE this week, or scheduled for the coming week. That's 89.3 in Lincoln, or streaming anywhere at kzum.org.

Malcom Played:
Extra Life – This Time – Secular Works
Extra Life – Bled White – Secular Works
Arnett Cobb – Go, Red Go – Arnett Blows for 1300
Tom Waits – Red Shoes by the Drugstore – Blue Valentine
St. Vincent – Your Lips Are Red – Marry Me
Boards of Canada – The Beach at Redpoint – Geogaddi
No Age – Katerpillar – Everything in Between
Kronos Quartet with David Barron – “North Platte, Nebras-katte” (Harry Partch) – U.S. Highball
Angelo Badalamenti – Twin Peaks Theme – Soundtrack from Twin Peaks

Scott played:
Broken Heart Collector - Get The Dog - Broken Heart Collector
Dureforsog - Nobody's Nose - Knee
Icy Demons - Buffalo Bill - Miami Ice
Material - O.A.O. - Red Tracks
Dull Schicksal - Cruelty Asks for Delivery - They Saved Hitler's Brain
Christian Vander - Mr Vent - Szoloh
Shizuo - Sweat - Shizuo vs Shizor
Cats' Orchestra - A Thin Thief - Coffee Killer
Aram Bajakian's Kef - Raki - Aram Bajakian's Kef
Phillip Glass - I Enjoyed the Laughter - Book of Longing

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