Other Music playlist for 3-18-2012

This week featured some truly top-grade material on the Other Music show, as it's pledge drive time!

By the way, we didn't get any calls during the show--a first during the pledge drives since I joined the show. But a lot of people donate to KZUM online, and we don't know about those until later--thanks to all who might have donated that way.

And if you haven't donated, but you'd like to show support for shows like ours and others on KZUM that provide a forum for creative, compelling music to be shared on the radio regardless of "commercial viability," then you can still pledge, too! Just go to http://www.kzum.org and click on the "donate" button. Any help is greatly appreciated, as the station is about to relocate.

Onto the music! this was a really great show:

Scott played:

Paul Sturm - Ascent of the Deer Ghost - The Diplomat's Shadow
PAK - The Higher the Elevation, The Lesser the Vegitation - Motel
Colin Marson - 4 - 200220032004
Frank Pahl - Ode to Euphonium #3 - The Cowboy Disciple
Extra Life - Blinded Beast - Dream Seeds

John played: UT - Dr No - Griller
.22 - Standard vs Daylight - Worker
Silkworm - Tonight We're Meat - Blueblood
Shipping News - Cock-a-Doodle-Doo - Three-Four
Zulu as Kono - Young Geezer - Zulu as Kono

Joseph played:
Ilhan Mimaroglu - Agony (Visual Study No. 4, after Arshile Gorky) - Electronic Music
Vladimir Ussachevsky - Suite From No Exit
Luc Ferrari - Tete et queue du dragon (Second version) - Musique Concrete

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