Other Music updates and playlists

I haven't gotten a chance to post any playlists for the Other Music show for a while. We've had many interesting changes afoot that have demanded our attention:

--Malcom is on hiatus, coming in only occasionally.
--New DJ Joseph has joined the show, which is very exciting because he has great taste and an amazing collection of early electronic music, EAI, krautrock, free jazz, and much more. We're getting both more beautiful and more bizarre every week!
--we've been in the new studios for about six weeks. There is more room and more equipment, and lots of potential for live-in-studio performances in the future!

As always, you can tune in every Sunday night from 10-midnight Central Time. We're on 89.3 FM in Lincoln, or you can stream the show anywhere from http://www.kzum.org.

Here are some partial playlists (the stuff I played) for recent broadcasts:

Marc Ribot - Etude # 13: Wank - Exercises in Futility
Zao - Yog - Osiris
Othin Spake - Child of Deception and Skill - Child of Deception and Skill
John Zorn - Libera Me - Templars: In Sacred Blood
Devin Gray - Talking With Hands - Dirigo Rataplan
Benoit Widemann - Spirale - Stress!
Thinking Plague - Sleeper Cell Anthem - Decline and Fall

Gorguts - Rapturous Grief - Obscura
Aki Takase - 575557:4 - A Week Went By
Bob Bucko Jr - Triptych I - Tearjerker
Whourkr - Ostina Feat. Oxxo Xoox (628 Snare Drums) - 4247 Snare Drums
Sekkutsu Jean - Koayebiurjnk - Sekkutsu Jean
Cactus Truck - The Snotgreen Sea, The Scrotumtightening Sea - Brand New For China!
The (EC) Nudes - It Might Be Better - Vanishing Point

Phil Niblock - Stosspeng IV - Touch Strings
Evan Parker - Part I Intro (Studio) - Set
Grosse Abfahrt - Kablamo - Vanity
Ross Bolleter - Kiss Kiss - Night Kitchen (2002-9)
Stian Westerhus - The Antagonist - Pitch Black Start Spangled
Moebius - B 36 - Tonspuren

Violent Femmes - New Times - New Times
Bobby Conn - Macaroni - Macaroni
Yugen - The Scuttle of the Past out of the Cupboards - Iridule
RED Trio + Nate Wooley - Phase - STEM
Mr. Rencore and Tim Berne - Ort Milos - Intollerant Mr. Rencore and Tim Berne
Mary Halvorson Quintet - That Old Sound (No. 27) - Bending Bridges
Bailly/Millevoi/Moffett - Red Rain - Strange Falls

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