New Lakookala single and tour

I reviewed Lakookala's debut 10'' a while ago, and the band is back with a new single just in time for a quick tour of the midwest. The FFU single finds Lakookala in fine form once again, offering a pair of damned catchy tunes rattling our collective cages with bravado. Like their debut, I'm reminded again of a fascinating stylistic split between groovy, shimmy-shaking early PJ Harvey on the title track, and an updated Siouxsie Sioux vibe on the B-side "Shellfish."

I just love the chorus of "FFU." I'm a total sucker for wordless vocal melodies that squirm their way into your consciousness and make themselves comfortable, and this is one of the best of that breed I've ever heard. The verse melodies have great rhythms that sashay against the main riff elegantly, too. And when you buy the record, you'll get a download code for a 3rd track, "One to Three," whose subsonic synths and overdubbed vocals trading lines make three of a perfect pair.

Lakookala's Midwest tour starts in a week, and as irony would have it, the first date is at my house. I've been keeping shows and reviews mostly separate (and I'm not sure that I'll be hosting shows long-term), but for you local Lincoln readers, please stop by next Sunday and show Lakookala some NE love. Local darlings The Renfields will be opening, and their new LP is a beautiful slab of vintage songwriting that you should check out, too.

Lakookala will be performing live on KZUM's The Wimmins Show on Sunday morning (July 14th) sometime in the 11:30 AM - 1 PM range, and then the show starts at The Think Tank around 7 PM that night. Please bring some cash for the musicians, and I would highly recommend putting your record-buying pants on that day, too.

Here's a beautiful poster for the show, courtesy of Bad Robot Brain:

And for those of you elsewhere in the Midwest, here are the rest of the tour dates:


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