Podcast Episode 6 now available!

Episode 6 of the Words on Sounds Podcast is now available, featuring a piece from Matthew Dotson's latest digital release, a track from the new Jealousy Mountain Duo, a short Adam Zahller piece for toy piano, a track from the brand-new Giant Claw tape on Suite 309, a labyrinthine piece from Yowie's last LP on SKiN GRAFT Records, a great Yamagishi/Suhrke collab piece on the "In Flux" compilation on Brave Wave Productions, a quick acid-psych burner from the new Goat album, a sneak preview of the upcoming Strategy tape on Field Hymns, a stormy piece by O'Death on their latest from Northern Spy, a great solo bari sax piece by Jonah Parzen-Johnson from his disc onPrimary Records, great skatchbox-fueled improv from Music for Hard Times on their Public Eyesore / Eh? CD, a heavy electroacoustic headphone jam from Nick Hoffman and Miguel A. Garcia on their Intonema collaboration, and deep-listening improv from Zoor's disc on Umlaut Records. Grab your headphones and dig in!

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