Words on Sounds Podcast Ep. 12 now available

Episode 12 of the Words on Sounds podcast is now available, featuring:

--a selection from the mind-bogglingly good new Charles Barabé tape on 905 Tapes
--a haunting synth workout from the new Xunholm tape on Skrot Up
--a beautiful, harmonically-rich jam on Dereck Higgins' new LP, "Murphy" on DVH Recordings
--ominous rumbles from the new Megaherbs disc
--an unusually uptempo and sample-based track from German Army's latest on 905
--an excerpt from the A-side of the great new live ARU tape on Warm Gospel
--gnarly live-tracked avant-rockness from PC Worship's bonus cassette from Northern Spy
--uplifting synth densities from Xepter Rose via Constellation Tatsu
--a nice instrumental from Bbjr on his "Blast the Past" comp
--power-doom-jazz from Whoopie Pie on VEAL RECORDS
--great electroacoustic treatments from Johannes Lauxen on knertz
--and an excerpt of a dreamachine-bound drone piece by PSALM'N'LOCKER on YEREVAN TAPES

Tune in, click on, drop out!

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