Other Music for 2-12-12

Whitney Houston died, we started to thaw out of a crushingly cold weekend, Valentine's Day was just around the corner, but we mostly ignored those things and "mixed it up" on the 2-12-12 edition of Other Music.

I played:
Summer '77 - MX-80 Sound - Hard Attack
Lonely Walk - Greetje Bijma - Barefoot
Mad, Mad, Mad Year - Dominique Leone - Instrumentals
Gongsong - Gong - Magick Brother
Eno and the Actor - Mike Keneally - Hat
Horse - Friendly Bears - Friendly Bears/Infidel?/Castro! "A Split Experience"
Study 2a (Conlon Nancarrow) - Bang On a Can - Big Beautiful Dark and Scary
Creeping Things Dig Slowly - Lovely Little Girls - Glamorous Piles and Puffy Saddlebags
Karel Zeman on the Moon - Ergo Phizmiz - Music From the Shoes of Fulcanelli Soundtrack
Millions of Mischiefs: I. Julia Sets - Jonathan Leathwood - Malloy: Millions of Mischiefs
Tears of the Judge - Yakuza Heart Attack - Yakuza Heart Attack II

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