Other Music playlist for 2-19-2012

I've received a surprising number of "power trio" submissions lately (guitar/bass/drum trios), and it turned me toward a fun search through my collection, reflecting on the many power trio-based albums I've loved over the years. This Other Music show was inspired by my search--I did an hour of instrumental power trios, one song per band, but I actually put together 3 hours of 1 song-per-band material for more shows later. It's amazing how much potential the humble power trio has to make music inclusive of many styles, genres, and approaches. Soon I'll be posting a review of four recent power trio submissions that particularly grabbed me, but for now, here's a playlist that includes a track by each of those bands. See if you can guess which four I'll be covering in more detail...

For the 2-19-2012 Other Music Show, Scott played:

Ahleuchatistas - No Sleep - Location Location (okay, these guys recently became a duo, but...)
Free Form Funky Freqs - Over and Under - Urban Mythology Vol. 1
Zevious - Inciting - After the Air Raid
Scorch Trio - Melaza - Melaza
Many Arms - The Year 500 Billion - Palabras Malas
Hedvig Mollestad Trio - For the Air - Shoot!
Hyrrokkin - Haarp - Astrionics
Dub Trio - Control Issue Controlling Your Mind - IV
Mary Halvorson Trio - April April May (No. 3) - Dragon's Head
Trevor Dunn Trio Convulsant - I'm Sick - Sister Phantom Owl Fish
Marc Ribot's Ceramic Dog - Never Better - Party Intellectuals
Arto Lindsay Trio - Imbue - Aggregates 1-26
Gorge Trio - Living With Tigers - Open Mouth, O Wisp
Blind Idiot God - Sawtooth - Undertow

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  1. yeah! what an awesome playlist! gorge trio, hyrrokkin, many arms, ceramic dog... holy cow!