Podcast episode 27 now available

New episode of the Words on Sounds Podcast is up for your Easter wind-down, featuring:
--great Schoenberg-ish MIDI classical from Padna's new tape on Orange Milk Records
--warm dreams from the new Boxhead Ensemble tape on Astral Spirits
--an atmospheric piece from the powerful New Orleans band Chef Menteur's new triple disc now available on Sunrise Ocean Bender
--a transcendent synth/zone/drone surprise from the new Millions tape onField Hymns
--a piece from the always-satisfying Charles BarabĂ©'s new cassette on2:00AM Tapes
--dark water-treading with Orra on their new release from Inner Islands
--a bit of a beautiful new piece from Patrick Piper on A Giant Fern
--the recorded debut of new trio Bad Jazz on Public Eyesore / Eh?
--awesome atmospheric beats from Cambo's new album on Crash Symbols
--and a little Easter treat from a classic Extra Life album!

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