Podcast episode 28 now available

This week's edition of the Words on Sounds podcast features:
--gorgeous, intricate interplay from Upsilon Acrux's new album about to drop on New Atlantis Records
--deep improvisation from Jack Wright and Bob Marsh on a classic Public Eyesore / Eh? disc
--distinctly uppercase improv from Beauty School's debut on Humbler
--some insectoid Japanese footwork courtesy of the masterful 食品まつりa.k.aFOODMAN's new tape on Orange Milk Records
--a couple of short bangers from my new favorite Macula Dog on Haord Records
--gorgeous live atmospheres from RED Trio's new tape on Astral Spirits
--Krautrock-immersed raw beats from the new Aphasiacs on Crash Symbols
--a song that reminds me how I feel saving up for Record Store Day on the new Mouthguard88 (Honnda Also Amnon Freidlin) on Slimetrax
--deep string duets from Katt Hernandez and Evan Lipson's Hisswig 3''CDr
--and rich soundfields on the new Venison Whirled disc on Eh? Records.
Tune in, turn on, drop out!

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