Podcast episode 50 now available!

The 50th edition of the Words on Sounds podcast is a heavy one, featuring:
--the latest excellent self-release tape from Macho Blush
--meditative soundscapes from Selaroda's latest tape on Inner Islands
--a classic German Army cut from their new split 7'' with Novy Svet onTourette Records
--intense trio trancework from Tandaapushi on their new disc on JVTlandt
--circuit-bent ivory-tickling from the new Dorosoto jam on Moss Archive
--incredible psych-zoners from Zeta One's new tape on Eiderdown Records
--more impossible-to-categorize beauty from More Eaze/Marcus M. Rubioon Kendra Steiner Editions
--some deep synth work from Andrew Bernstein's amazing new tape onHausu Mountain
--deep listening from the new Small Things on Sundays tape onMetaphysical Circuits
--and a segment from a long-form minimalist behemoth by Wozzeck onspina rec

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