Podcast episode 51 now available!

A great week captured on Words on Sounds podcast # 51, featuring:
--new-no-wtf-wave wildness from the lost final le Flange du Mal album, finally seeing the light of day via resipiscent
--a killer tune from the latest Guerilla Toss tape on DFA RECORDS
--environmental oscillations from STRNGLV's side of a gorgeous split on Aubjects
--rapid-fire code-borne oscillations from G.S. Sultan's new tape on Orange Milk Records
--mysterious rumbles from a phenomenal charity compilation by and for Life Changing Ministry, a crucial performance space in Oakland
--one of the coolest things I've heard all year from Matt Weston's new tape onTape Drift Records
--another great cut from the amazing Voicehandler disc on Humbler
--an excerpt from a new guitar/coding collab between Christopher Riggs andCarl Testa
--another great duo, featuring Colin Fisher and Ricardo Lagomasino, onTombed Visions Records
--and an excerpt of the intense new studio album from The Necks on Northern Spy
Tune in, turn on, drop out!

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