Podcast Episode 56 now available!

A great set of tunes for episode 56 of the Words on Sounds podcast, featuring:
--synth zoners for days from Kyle Landstra's side of a killer new split onLillerne Tapes
--percussion-fueled adventures from Booker Stardrum's solo debut on NNA Tapes
--lowercase improv from Ex You on Small Scale Music
--Immersive atmospheres from Grand Banks on Oxtail Recordings
--a piece from the third installment of the La Forêt rouge trilogy, via La cohu
--some americana-infused brilliance from More Eaze on Full Spectrum Records
--gorgeous layers of flute from Paul R. Marcano's side of a near-perfect split on Constellation Tatsu
--Americana released to the brainiac-wolves known to we mortals as Walls Of Genius
--EVI/synth duets from the Bambi Kino duo's excellent tape on International Anthem
--one of 16 amazing "tapestry" pieces from the sprawling, incredible Stag Harequadruple tape on Inner Islands
--and a great synclavier composition from the late Frank Zappa, who would have turned 75 today.
Tune in, turn on, drop out!

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