Podcast episode 59 now available!

Finally, a new edition of the Words on Sounds podcast is up, featuring:
--Great drone/guitar loop/tape atmospheres from the mighty AMULETS onPirate Ship Records
--symphonic synthetics from Arca on Mute Records
--pure madcap genius from Jake Tobin on Truly Bald
--ever-evolving songwriting from German Army's new jam on Kikimora Tapes
--excellent quarter-tone solo git-fiddle from the new Scott Fields disc on New Atlantis Records
--slow jams for weirdos on the new Bean Snack tape from Personal Archives
--barren modular soundscapes from the new Head Dress jam on Dionysian Tapes
--gorgeous field recording-heavy arrangements from the new former selvestape on Auasca
--transcendent vibes from the latest Gardener jam on BARO Records
--driving synth work from Artificiero on Verlag System
--and classic Merzbow in duo configuration from the incredible box set onTourette Records
--and the winner of the German Army/Novy Svet 7'' from Tourette Records isAlexandre Chami Filho! Congrats, and send me your address!
Tune in, turn on, drop out!

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