Podcast episode 58 now available!

The latest Words on Sounds episode is an around-the-world affair, featuring:
--collaged multiplicities from the new M.M.S. Kaiser, Bald Eagles, and Bbjrcollab tape on Personal Archives
--some live drone atmospheres from Wizard Ashdod on Full Body Massage Records
--haunting soundscapes from Joseph Curwen's new tape on Still Heat Recordings
--free jazz/rock/noise from Nazolivye Bliznecy's killer tape on spina rec
--complex layers of synth/EVI jamming from Shingles, via a new split with Sound Out Light on Oxtail Recordings
--excellent extended-technique clarinet work from John McCowen on his new | OBF 14 | cassette
--wild synth/drum workouts from the debut of Square/Sine on Cuchabata Records
--contemporary prog/RIO to die for from the latest CHROMB album
--an intense Lou Cohen Symphony-composition from his triple-disc on Pogus
--and a short-but-perfect ending to the show from the latest Little Fyodor & Babushka jam
Tune in, turn on, drop out!

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