Podcast episode 30 now available

New edition of the Words on Sounds podcast is up, featuring:
--a heavy hitter frm the amazing new Wei Zhongle LP on Hairy Spider Legs
--deep improvisation from the Wrest trio
--heady grooves from Crown Larks on their new Already Dead Tapes & Records release
--low frequency manipulations from Xanthocephalus on Skell Records LLC
--A couple of great collage pieces from the new Partli Cloudi tape onArachnidiscs Recordings
--harsh sequencer writing from Arvo Zylo on Out-Of-Body Records
--left-field heavy vibes from Invisible Things on New Atlantis Records
--exquisite writing by Corpo-Mente on their debut from Blood Music
--guitar manipulations from a great Millions tape on Tape Drift Records
--ominious layers of sound from Mike Majkowski's new tape on Astral Spirits
--and a great tune from the new Shilpa Ray album on Northern Spy
Tune in, turn on, drop out!

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