Podcast episode 31 now available

This week's episode of the Words on Sounds podcast features:
--heavy psych zones from Chef Menteur's triple disc on Sunrise Ocean Bender
--a great ARU live jam on the All Iowa Noise Insurgency double-cassette comp (and The Centipede Farm still has copies available if you're interested)
--magic feats of improvisation from the debut of I/OWAR
--gorgeous bari sax/synth songcraft from Jonah Parzen-Johnson's new disc on Primary Records
--dense electroacoustic textures from Rob Mazurek's new tape on Astral Spirits
--beautiful chamber-folk/rock from SUN DAY's self-titled debut
--improv weirdness from Stanley Schumacher's Experimental Music Lab
--free rock jams from the debut of Oblique Quartet
--deep listening from the upcoming Stephen Haynes quintet disc on New Atlantis Records
--and a no-wave/noise anxiety attack from the debut of Meds
Tune in, turn on, drop out!

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