Podcast episode 32 now available

This week's edition of the Words on Sounds podcast features:
--Buchla ostinato dreams from Jan Balsam and Hermon Cone's great tape on Moss Archive
--heavy improv from SSBT via Astral Spirits
--expansive live guitar tapestries from Bob Bucko Jr's Analog Masters tape
--free rock madness from Wilmoth Axel's new double-C60 release on Personal Archives
--"Appalachian space rock" from the inimitable Evening Fires (we'll be listening to a cut from their new LP on Sunrise Ocean Bender next week as well)
--electric piano/percussion jams from the debut of Impulsive Machinations on New Atlantis Records
--the latest from German Army on Discrepant
--great synth/drums rollercoaster rides from Wume's new LP on Ehse Records
--heavy audio collage work from Daniel Ditlevson
--drone goodness from After the Static's new jam on Hisstoric Tapes
--and a mighty roar from Heldon's 1976 live lineup recently released for the first time.
Tune in, turn on, drop out!

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