Podcast episode 46 now available!

This week's edition of the Words on Sounds Podcast has a bunch of great new music you need to hear, including:
--pensive song structures from the newest Andreas Brandal tape on Field Hymns
--early industrial textures from German Armys new tape on Golden Cloud Tapes
--frequently funky jams from the new La ForĂȘt rouge tape on Small Scale Music (2nd in their 2015 trilogy)
--insane rhythms from Darren Keen's new LP on Orange Milk Records
--incredibly fluid improv from the Chris Pitsiokos Trio's new disc on New Atlantis Records
--hyperkinetic baroque-core from the Igorrr and Ruby My Dear collab EP onAd Noiseam
--noise walls of the great plains on the new MUSICIAN tape on The Centipede Farm
--retrofuture synth delights galore on MKM's fantastic record on Verlag System
--brilliant early punk/industrial/no-wave collisions almost lost to time from Tools You Can Trust, lovingly brought back to life by BFE records
--and one of my favorite pieces of the year on a recent tape by cinchel
Tune in, turn on, drop out!

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