Podcast episode 48 now available!

This week's Words on Sounds is a serious treat. I'm having a hard time typing this up, as I'd rather go back and listen to it again myself. Episode 48 features:
--mythically potent-yet-ultra-contemporary sacred architecture fromARIADNE's debut full-length on Auris Apothecary
--doom/drone-meets sharp improv on the latest from The Gate on Astral Spirits
--trance-inducing bellows-driven textures from the new Coppice album on Category of Manifestation
--enthralling entheogenic electronics from Common Future
--shimmering guitar soundscapes from Bbjr's new Boyle/Bucko collab on Personal Archives
--incredible bedroom chamber-avant-pop from Ali Helnwein on Spring Break Tapes
--drone/texture mastery from Mike Nigro's latest tape on A Giant Fern--longer-than-usual early industrial narratives from German Army's short tape/shirt treasure on Castle Bravo Tapes
--rich improvisation from Say Spirit's tape on Small Scale Music
--and wild guitar duo improv from Elliott Sharp and Scott Fields on New Atlantis Records
Tune in, turn on, drop out!

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