Words on Sounds 47 now available!

Episode 47 of Words on Sounds features tons of great new music played from our humble laser-loving compact disc friends:
--drum/guitar journeys from Sex Funeral's latest disc on Bbjr's Personal Archives
--deep listening from More Eaze/Marcus M. Rubio on Kendra Steiner Editions
--fried-treble ritual-club freakouts from The Big Drum In The Sky Religions latest on The Centipede Farm
--positively impeccable microediting composition from Noah Creshevsky's latest disc on EM Records Osaka Japan
--complex compositional forms for piano trio from Jeff Kowalkowski's new disc for New Atlantis Records
--ever-shifting textures from the upcoming White Out/Nels Cline album onNorthern Spy
--low-register tuba/bass doom from The Gate on Carrier Records
--nice piano/synth explorations from BABEL's new disc on Assembly Field
--an excerpt of John Krausbauer's intense new drone piece on Debacle Records
--and gorgeous fretless acoustic work from Jack Mazzenga's new solo "avant-Americana" disc
Tune in, turn on, drop out!

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